Captain Cold’s Freeze Gun (DC)



Size (H/W/D)18/8/3 inch

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As Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart is apt to remind us, superheroes would be out of a job without villains and that’s why we need them around. Luckily, Cold is one of the better villains to run into and now you yourself can own his epic weapon.

Stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs, this gun, created by Cisco Ramon, can shoot negative temperature particles to freeze its target. Pretty handy weapon. Except, of course, when it collides with the Heat Gun and is therefore disabled. But never mind that.


Your collection will never look… cooler, once you have this 18-inch long x 8-inch tall x 3-inch DC Collectibles Captain Cold Gun Replica. It’s designed straight from the show, with every detail taken into consideration, and even has light-up capabilities (batteries are not included)!

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