Jellal Crime Sorcière – Exclusive (Fairy Tail)



Size (H/W/D)18/36/28 cm
Release Price341.03 Euro
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“Be judged by the seven stars! Grand Chariot!”– Jellal

This Ikigai statue of Jellal depicts him during his solitary battle against the Oracion Seis in Tartaros Arc. The blue haired founder of the Crime Sorcière guild wears here his matching cape and dark gray coat with gold borders and heart patterns as well as his chest armor and pants bearing his guild’s symbol. While the Seis intend to put an end to that fight, Jellal is well determined to teach them that their freedom is only a decoy. We see him here in an attack position, his resolute gaze reinforced by his spear-shaped mark, using with his hands the Heavenly Body Magic Spell, Grand Chariot, in his opponents’ direction! He then summons seven magic seals and connects them together to strike the enemy with that spell that would possess the destructive capabilities of a meteor, as evidenced by his cloak thrown backwards, the energy effects surrounding him or even the cracked ground reminiscent of the environment of this apocalyptic fight!

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