Monkey Shen (Twelve Zodiac Animals)



Size (H/W/D)25/12/12 cm

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Monkey Shen – Classic Premium Collectible – Twelve Zodiac Animals

Infinity Studio and the National Library of China collaborated to restore the scene of Giuseppe Castiglione’s painting. Bring the ruined twelve zodiac animal statues from the Old Summer Palace back to the modern age. By restoring the original look of the monkey head design, this national treasure is returned to its former glory.

In addition to the overall realistic style, each detail, including folds and fluff, is evident. The face is delicately sculpted with chiseled textures. One of the special characteristics is that the beautiful symbol of humanity is reflected on its torso part by the depiction of two peerless gods. Additionally, you will be able to see the mottled erosion on the base. Furthermore, both hands and heads can be removed via magnetic connections independently. The art is a testament to the loss of Chinese national treasures overseas and to the twists and turns of history.


  • Manufacturer: Infinity Studio
  • Material: Resin
  • Limited Edition

Copyright © 2018 Infinity Studio. All Rights Reserved.


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