The Daltons “Du calme, Joe!” (Lucky Luke)



ScaleNo Scale
Size (H/W/D)16/28/11 cm
Release Price480 Euro
Edition Size

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A little dip for a pickaxe head!

It’s common knowledge that Morris loved to tinker. So much so that he had fun making 3D versions of his characters (or the creations of his friends, Franquin and his Gaston for example), to make mobiles. It is guided by the same playful spirit that we offer you a sketch inspired by the album “Les Dalton courent toujours”, freezing the 4 brothers in a pose where each character expresses a clear-cut character. From Jack mute with surprise to William as a worried salvationist, passing by Joe with a peony blood stroke and finally to Averell with a blissful fright, no mawkishness in the rendering of expressions. Indeed, it is with the will not to distort the so expressive line of Morris that our favorite sculptor has put in volume this anthological scene. And always with the same radical approach: volumes, dynamism, treatment of folds and flat colors are exclusively at the service of Morris’ art.

By entering Joe’s brain, an arduous and unusual exercise if ever there was one, we can reasonably suspect that he is a little bit irritable towards the youngest of the siblings.
All things considered, Joe is right: what a “ball and chain” this Averell is!

Digital Sculpture : David Arnould
Art Direction : Arnaud Tanguy
Packaging: Romain Diguet

Each statuette is molded, assembled, painted and numbered by hand.



  • Limited to 200 Copies
  • Weight: 2,3 kg
  • ize Diorama at all: 6,3 inch tall (Height: 16 cm / Widht: 28,2 cm / Depth: 11 cm)
  • Provided: With certificate of authenticity
  • Authors: Morris and Goscinny
  • Release Date: Q2-Q3 2022
  • Material: Cold-Cast Resin

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