MB Studio

MB Studio is a premium painting service. Service for miniatures, figures and sculptures.
The studio of Andreas Taubert offers painting in various designs and quality standards of your choice.

Starting with simple standard TT-paintings, up to an absolutely perfect elaborated complete display standard. MB Studio also works with 3D printing.
Professionally, a lot is possible here, from modifications to complete sculpting for special and unique models. Let the pictures inspire you.



Punisher2000 has been an artist for 8 years (2014) and works in the field of painting and modeling.

Especially in the area of add-ons, he has finished single parts for many brands, which can be seen in the pictures of his private collection.
He himself collects figures, statues and kit conversions for over 15 years.
But look at his work and consider if he’s a good fit for your project.