2023-06 (June) Your Collection ?

Do you own a special or fine presented collection write us on instagram or facebook. If its special perhaps you can find here a place in our monthly show collection…

2023-05 (May) Exquisite Statues Collection

Here you can see a very special collection from someone who is located in the Caribbean Island Trinidad. An extremely Collector of high end statues mainly transformers, x-men and marvel. Incredibly, he’s only been collecting… Read more

2023-04 (April) Dresdensfinest

André is a very passionate collector. He collects what pleases. His small company Legends4U is now considered an insider tip among collectors, where you can always find rare treasures for good prices.Legends4U was born out… Read more

2023-01 (January) Christian Collection

He is a carpenter and built all the showcases himself to fit in the niches of his living room. The showcases are between 90cm and 100cm deep, so that even the really big chunks find… Read more

2022-12 (December) Faceless_One Collection

This collector spent weeks building and painting his own display cases in his collector’s room. The dimensions are huge, which you only realize when you know for yourself what big crushers find space in the… Read more

2022-11 (November) SEELE_01 Collection

Very clear collection with not too many collectibles, but these are extremely well staged, so that this collection isn`t overloaded. Each individual highlight speaks for itself. The black self-made bases do the rest to convey… Read more

2022-09 (September) GuteLaune Collection

Here you can see a collection, which is distributed on 2 floors. The nice and different thing about it is that this is partially integrated into the living room and the owner actually “lives” with… Read more