Venom (Spider-Man / Marvel)


  • 2 Heads (1 maniac head and 1 Bagley head)
  • 2 Right hands (1 open hand and 1 clutching Spidey’s mask)
  • 1 Base featuring a ruptured water tank with water (clear resin water effect)

Thor (Marvel)


  • Includes Mjornir, Stormbreaker & Broken Mjornir
  • 2 Head Display Options (Bearded & Non Bearded) – also includes mask for eyes

Imperial Probe Dispatch Pods (Star Wars)

In cooperation with, we present you a very unique model seen not just in ESB but also in the newer Obiwan Series – Imperial Probe Dispatch Pods!

Many original donor kits from back in the days were used to re-create digitally as accurately as possible by Robert Cowley to what we saw on screen… physically brought to life and painted by the MYC Team.

We also like to simulate the old ILM tags that have been used to archive them.

  • 12.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 11″ H (with Base)

  • BIG POD: 9″x4″x4″

  • SMALL POD: 6.5″x4.5″x4.5″

  • 12lbs

  • High-quality Acrylic covered base

  • Custom Metal Plaque with Acrylic Stand

  • easily magnetized assembly

  • Fully professional hand painted