X Wing Fighter (Star Wars)

Proudly present to you the Model-X  Wing Rebel Fighter in 1/24 Scale.

We created Red 3 and Red 5.

These fighters differentiate themselves not just by the paint scheme, but also by several details on the wings and body.

The Red 3 was given a more ILM look and the ILM cockpit, while the Red 5 was created more with a film cockpit.

This model is digitally created by Dominik Schwarz and the  SCFI-STUDIO-SCALE-MODELERS Team and physically created by the MYC Team.

  • High-quality solid Poly Resin Material (Polystone, PU & ABS  & Steel)
  • 18.25″ wide x 22.25″ deep x 11″ high with base 
  • 20lbs
  • Adjustable pose through swivel joint nut
  • Light-up Cockpit & thrusters
  • Red 3 (R2-F2 and Biggs Pilot switch out included – not shown)
  • Red 5 R2-D2 will have silver dome
  • Hand-painted with quality paint
  • Aluminum Name Plaque with stand
  • Magnet supports

ES: Bundle = 50, Red 5 = 170, Red 3 = 50