Block Base 06 Slat Plate Option – Hexa Gear



Size (H/W/D)4.7/0.3 cm
Release Price11.99 Dollar

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Block Base 06 Slat Plate Option – 1/24 Scale Plastic Model – Hexa Gear

Kotobukiya is proud to present an expansion pack for the Hexa Gear Block Base! These universal plates are designed for customization, and can be used as floor panels or windows. The plates are designed with narrow slits. This expansion pack includes the plates and several types of joints, and can be used to build a small, simple base or as Hexa Gear customization parts. By combining the hinge unit and the plates, users can also create a door that opens and closes.


  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
  • Design: Yuichi Kuwamura
  • Material: ABS


  • The plates can be expanded on each side using the 3mm connection joints, allowing you to create a panel in the size of your choosing
  • The hinge units that connect two plates can be rotated to the angle of your choosing
  • This pack can be combined with existing Block Base products
  • All of the plates and joints are equipped with 3mm connection points, allowing them to be used not only with other Block Bases, but also with parts from the Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl series.

Incuded Items

  • Slat Plate (Large) x12
  • Slat Plate (Small) x6
  • Plate Joint x2
  • Pipe Joint x20
  • Hinge Unit x20
  • Leg Parts x10
  • 3mm Connection Joint x10
  • Joint Connector x10

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