Alucard Hellsing – Bundle (Dracula)



Size (H/W/D)16/10/8 cm
Release Price260 Dollar
Edition SizeLimited

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Elite Bust


  • Size: Approximately H 6 in
  • Includes:

    2 Coffin Box’s, 4 swappable portraits, 2 bust stand; 2 Certificate of Authenticity

  • Materials: Polystone
  • Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team
  • Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin
  • 3D Artist/Sculptor: Miguel Urbina
  • Coloring Artist: Mikiya Takahashi “Hellpainter”

By popular demand, Figurama Collectors’ swappable statue portraits receive their own line, Elite Bust! Debuting as the first release in this limited-edition series, Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate Elite Bust portrays the vicious vampire merging with his army of souls as he prepares to drown London in shadow matter. Alucard rises 16cm (6in) high on a bloody swirl of crimson eyes seeping from the cracked coffin lid, each eye representing a soul he has devoured throughout his undead life. Uttering the incantation engraved upon the jet-black coffin—“The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame”—Alucard releases the seal on his restrained power and unleashes Level 0, transforming into the ultimate vampire, Vlad Tepes III Dracula.

Crafted from pure polystone, Alucard’s two alternative portraits depict the immortal count either garbed in his wide-brimmed, crimson fedora and tinted glasses, or with his untamed, raven- colored hair blowing wildly in the wake of his power. The Elite Bust is packaged in a replica of Alucard’s coffin, complete with its ominous inscription and seal, alongside an official Certificate of Authenticity.