Batman of Earth-1 – Regular Version (Batman / Dark Nights: Metal Comics)



Size (H/W/D)43/35/52 cm
Release Price999 Dollar
Edition SizeLimited Edition

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Museum Masterline

“I really… loved you, Clark. I believed in the world you promised us. You made me hope for a better future. But now I know that it was a lie. And I won’t let you hurt me anymore.” – Batman of Earth-1’s last words to Superman before transforming into The Devastator
Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest breathtaking addition to the Museum Masterline DC Dark Nights: Metal Series! The 1:3 Scale MMDCMT-12: BATMAN OF EARTH -1 from DC DARK NIGHTS: METAL! In the DC Multiverse-spanning epic, Dark Nights: Metal, not only did a Dark version of the DC Multiverse exist, but a malevolent force was gathering all the evil, corrupted versions of Batman from each Negative universe into a perverted and frightening version of the Justice League: The Dark Knights!As a fitting companion piece to the MMDCMT-11 The Devastator, this 17-inch-tall statue was created by Prime 1 Studio’s skillful artists as a tragic interpretation of the moments before Bruce Wayne succumbed to the Doomsday Virus that he infected himself with. Before the brutish behemoth that he became, Bruce was the Batman of Earth -1! At the most pivotal moment of Batman’s battle with his Earth’s Superman, Bruce infected himself with the Doomsday Virus…and he began to transform into the combination of Superman’s greatest foes: a Doomsday with the intelligence of Batman! Batman of Earth -1 comes with a poseable fabric cape and is portrayed holding a Kryptonite spear, one that would prove ineffective against Superman. He kneels on a craggy, Dark Nights: Metal themed pedestal as he prepares to launch his next attack on the Man of Steel.


  • Product Size Approx.: H:43cm W:35cm D:52cm
  • Product Carton Boxes Approx.: 1
  • Product Weight Approx.: 13,5 kg
  • Dark Nights: Metal-themed base
  • Poseable Fabric Cape
  • Perfect companion piece of MMDCMT-11: The Devastator Statue
  • Material: Polystone and other materials
  • Est. Arrival: February – May 2024