Gor-ior (The Weirdest)



Release Price20 Dollar

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The Weirdest ReAction Figures Wave 1

The immortal fighter of pain is a brutal barbarian who never knows when to quit. Impaled? Power though. Splitting headache? Suck it up. Though he was never much of a swordsman, each fresh fracture only reinforces his resolve, making him a real pain in the neck…and chest, and leg, and arm, and head. This 3.8” Super7 ReAction Figure of Gor-Ior has five points of articulation and premium metallic paint detail, and comes with three weapon accessories that fit into his open wounds as well as removable limbs for ultimate dismemberment! Add the Gor-Ior ReAction figure to your collection of creeps and enjoy the pandemonium that ensues!


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