Iron Man Mark 43 (Avengers Age of Ultron / Marvel)



Size (H/W/D)50.5/30/28.5 cm
Release Price825 Dollar
Edition SizeLimited Edition

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Quarter Scale Statue

About the Statue

This Queen Studios 1/4 scale Mark 43 statue recreates the genius, Tony Stark in his forty-third iteration of the Iron-Man armor. This suit was created sometime before Avenger: Age of Ultron and is an almost perfect version of its predecessor, the Mark 42. The suits color design is like that of other Iron Man variants; Stark’s classic rocket-car red and brushed gold, but the Mark 43 has more silver panelling. Stark is facing forward, ready to engage. He is pointing the suits forearm missiles forward.

About the Statue and Base

This Queen Studios 1/4 scale Mark 43 statue includes two special features. The first is a switch-out right arm, one has the suits right hand repulsor beam showing and the second switch-out arm has the suit’s missile compartment raised. The second feature is the suits LEDs, the Queen Studios team have fitted glowing LEDs in the suit’s eyes, ARC reactor and hand repulsor beams. This statues base is crafted to resemble the debris created during the final battle of the plummeting city of Sokovia.g


  • Exchangeable arm with missile
  • Material: High Quality Resin, PU, ABS
    A: Internal lighting in the eyes / B: Internal lighting in the arc reactor / C: Internal lighting in the palm repulsors
  • LEDs in both eyes, both hands and in the suit’s reactor
  • Estimated Deliverty Date: Quarter 4 2022Iron Man Mark 43 1/4 Statue