Léonard, Basile, Raoul & Bernadette – La Léomobile “Attention, génie en mouvement” (Attention, genius in motion)



Size (H/W/D)21/35.5/15 cm
Release Price799 Euro
Edition Size90

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VRAAW Collection

It was in the Florentine countryside, on his way to visit Mona Lisa, that we came across a DIY genius, the famous Leonardo. We immediately asked him for a quick interview:
– So, Master. Does this new invention, the “Léomobile”, work well?
– Walking? Yes, of course! Ask my disciple… Walking is all he’s done since Vinci! Raoul felt that Basile lacked a trunk, so I generously added one for him in the back of the Léomobile…
– He does seem to be out of breath, though, doesn’t he?
– Now, now… He’s got a sharp tongue!

– Fair enough. But tell us a little about your new find…
– Well, first of all, I’ve entrusted the general design to a young artist, Turk. The idea for the steam teapot came from him, as did the windscreen, which is very practical, despite the leaky windscreen. As for the question of energy, nothing beats feet, hands and a little elbow grease…
– Does speed scare you?
– On the climb, no! If Basil were a little more willing, I could probably give you a more precise answer… I’ll have to leave you now, as I have a portrait to paint. And the Mona


  • Limited to 90 Copies
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Size: Height 21 cm / Width 35,5 cm / Depth 15 cm
  • Provided: With certificate of authenticity
  • Author(s): Turk & de Groot
  • Digital Sculpture : Yann Berthonneau
  • Artistic Direction : Arnaud Tanguy
  • Packaging : Romain Diguet
  • Photos : Nicolas Willmann
  • (Thanks to Pierre Guillot for the text)
  • Material: Cold-Cast Resin, PU
  • Release Date: Q4 2023