Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z / Manga)



ScaleNo Scale
Size (H/W/D)69/51/48 cm
Release Price1499 Dollar
Edition SizeLimited Edition

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Ultimate Diorama Masterline

Concept Design by Josh Nizzi

“I must win! I must win at any rate”

Prime 1 Studio is proud and honored to present our next entry to the Ultimate Diorama Masterline, UDMMZ-01: Mazinger Z, designed by the great Josh Nizzi.
Mazinger Z, the very first and iconic super robot Japanese manga that has captivated audiences around the world for over five decades. Created by the manga legend Go Nagai in 1972, this groundbreaking series introduced the world to a new kind of hero: a giant piloted robot with the power to save the world. Today, Mazinger Z remains as popular as ever, we celebrate its 50th anniversary with a redesign by the one and only Josh Nizzi, gracing us with another dark, gritty, and sinister feel to the robot. This Ultimate Diorama Masterline series brings to life a 27 inches tall victorious Mazinger Z, standing atop the corpse of his very first enemy from the manga, Garada K7. The first Japanese super robot rests its right arm on its sword, left hand pulling the head out of its enemy’s torso. The defeated Garada K7, trying desperately to pull back whatever remains of the mechanical wires that keep its head from being completely severed from its body with its left hand. Alike our other collaborations with Josh Nizzi, the artists at Prime 1 Studio have paid the utmost attention to detail and leveraged their expertise to give the Mazinger Z a realistic feel. Each mechanical parts and wires add to the complexity of the piece. Dark, metallic colors come together in a magnificent way, sure to make any fan lose themselves gazing at every inch of the statue. The LED light-up functions are situated at the head of the heroic robot, the breast fire at the chest, and at the villain’s eyes. The chest plate can also be closed in case you wish to turn off the breast fire LEDs. This 50th anniversary statue is a testament to the series’ enduring popularity and influence. It celebrates the impact that the series has had on Japanese pop culture and the mecha genre. Whether you are a fan of the series or a collector of giant robot statues, this piece is sure to make a statement in your collection. Be sure to preorder before this sells out!




  • Statue Size approx. H:69cm W:51cm D:48cm
  • Mazinger Z themed-base with a defeated Garada K7
  • LED Illumination on Eyes and Chest
  • Product Carton Boxes Approx.: 2
  • Product Weight Approx.: 32,2 kg
  • Material: Polystone and other materials
  • Release Date: June – September 2024