Mirkwood Captains Helm (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies)



Size (H/W/D)11.5/6/10, 15/6/6 cm
Release Price99 Dollar
Edition Size750

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Quarter Scale Helmet

Shading icy, hawk-sharp eyes, the captains of the Elves of Mirkwood wore silver-grey helms with sweeping, bladed crests and cheek guards intricately styled after the curling, barbed thorns, and vines of their forest home. Seeking to secure his claim to what lay within its halls, King Thranduil of the Woodland Realm marched his army of Elven warriors to the Lonely Mountain.

Assembling before the gates of the underground kingdom of Erebor, Thranduil’s force was a sight to steal the breaths of men, and more than enough, he deemed, to strike fear in the hearts of the Dwarves who dared withhold the King’s jewels. Arrayed in perfect lines, the great host gleamed gold beneath a pale sun. Gloved hands gripped tall spears, shields were strapped to their arms, and curved blades hung hungry upon their belts. Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are designed by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth. Richard Taylor – CEO & Co-founder, Wētā Workshop



  • Dimensions: 2.44″ x 4.44″ x 3.85″ (W x H x D) 6.2 cm x 11.3 cm x 9.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.23 lbs (0.107 kg)
  • Material: High Quality Polystone
  • Principal Sculptor: Leonard Ellis
  • Release date: 1st Quarter 2023https://dhs1n389ze6jv.cloudfront.net/img/product-main/16484168739324ca44bdb8dc1d27814b07123a0ba6.jpg