Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)



Size (H/W/D)27/24.5/17 inch
Release Price1300 Dollar

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“Come face your doom!”
Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Shredder 1:3 Scale Statue. Shredder is the latest piece to join our TMNT Legends line of statues, presenting our own unique take on the classic villain from the iconic franchise.
The Shredder Statue measures 27” tall and 24.5” wide. The leader of the Foot Clan stands defiantly atop a crumbling scene littered with the armaments of his foes. Each blade on the ground, a symbol of Shredder’s unrelenting strength.
The Shredder statue is fully sculpted to capture the blend of realism and comic book style that the TMNT Legends line is known for. Shredder’s armor and signature claws are sculpted in great detail, showcasing the distressed quality expected from a battle-hardened warrior. His flowing cape is sculpted with realistic textures and an exciting sense of movement adding an element of drama to the otherwise stoic ninja. Gold accents on his pauldrons and katanas complete the look of this exciting interpretation of the classic villain.
Add some edge to your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection and bring home the TMNT Legends – Shredder 1:3 Scale Statue today!
– Retail price : $1300
– Approx Dims: 27”H x 24.5”W x 17”D
– Est Ship Date: Nov 2023 – Jan 2024
– Edition Size : TBD
– Includes :
Fully Sculpted Statue
Detailed Environment Base