Steampunk – Coal Black (400%)



ScaleNo Scale
Size (H/W/D)28/13/9.5 cm
Release Price1900.00 Euro

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Special Edition Steampunk Coal Black BE@RBRICK ROYAL SELANGOR

Coal, the ubiquitous fuel of the Industrial Revolution, powered everything from foundries, locomotives and steamships of the new age, to the stoves, heaters and irons of domestic mundanity. Resembling the lustre of anthracite, a glimmering dark finish envelops the Special Edition 400% Coal Black Steampunk BE@RBRICK ROYAL SELANGOR, against which inner workings of gauges and conduits in bright pewter are revealed in sharp contrast.

Since first appearing in Tokyo in 2001, the BE@RBRICK, a cartoon-like figure of a bear, has acquired international cult status. Released by MEDICOM TOY in a variety of materials and sizes, and with contributions from a host of international collaborators, the figure embodies the intersection of contemporary notions of art, style, design and fashion.

We have been allocated a small quota to offer customers. Please contact or +60 3 4145 6005 for more information.

About the collection
Some of the world’s most sought after collectibles are by Japan’s MEDICOM TOY. Founded in 1996, they are renowned for unique toys drawn from the worlds of anime, manga and pop culture. Their BE@RBRICK figures rank among the most highly coveted.