Superman 1978 (DC)



Size (H/W/D)31.0/31.0/72.0 cm
Release Price2.199.99 Dollar
Edition Size500

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Superman – 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue – Superman The Movie (1978)

With the thought that this could be the last Christopher Reeve Superman statue to be produced, we wanted this piece to be the most meaningful and most glorious. We wanted this iteration’s quality to reach a level never reached before.

The way we decide on the material and production method is by seeing which expression seems the most realistic. And for this piece, we decided to express the outfit by 3D modeling and painting, instead of using fabric. We tried using fabric, and there were points about the fabric that got in the way for me in terms of realism. And as you know from JND The Batman, we pride ourselves in our ability to create texture through 3D modeling. Reeve’s Superman suit was even more difficult to express than The Batman’s. The solid suit had to look seamless along with the cape, which is fabric. And the wrinkles or stretched parts of the suit had to be very detailed.

1978 Superman is such a meaningful film and character, not only to us and the collectors, but to the whole industry of the superhero genre. If you consider how important the nostalgic factor is to collecting, you may consider Christopher Reeve and his portrayal of Superman to be the greatest Superman – at least to the generation that grew up from the 70’s to the 90’s. For the longest time, Christopher Reeve was the only Superman to us! All we wanted to see again was that tall goofy Clark Kent in the fedora and the thick glasses, and that cool, handsome hero in the lighter blue and brighter red tights that could catch a falling helicopter with one hand while holding Loise in the other arm. The contrast between the two characters made him so much more memorable, and the transformation in the rotating doors so much more dramatic.



  • Manufacturer: JND Studios
  • One (1) main body
  • One (1) silicone head, including glass eyes, and rooted hair
  • One (1) uniquely designed base
  • Limited Edition


Copyright JND Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Superman and all related characters and elements © DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s24)