Zitz – Rare Cover Art Version (Battletoads / video game)



ScaleNo Scale
Size (H/W/D)22/17/13 inch
Release Price650 Dollar
Edition Size300

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Looks like the Dark Queen’s got a warm reception planned for the Battletoads!

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Zitz: Rare Cover Art Statue, a radical Battletoads collectible statue for fans of the classic beat ‘em up game. This video game statue includes swap-out hands to recreate the original series premiere artwork.

The Zitz: Rare Cover Art Statue measures 22” tall, 17” wide, and 13” deep with the fearless leader of the mutant toad squad standing on a base inspired by the game’s frosty Arctic Caverns stage. He stands with his fists raised and ready for battle. To recreate the developer Rare’s classic cover art for the game, Zitz includes a right arm holding a boulder with the Battletoads official title text and a left arm clutching a punk rat enemy. Both arms have spiked wristbands. The statue also comes with alternate swap-out hands featuring black gloves and wristbands on each arm as well as a communicator on his right wrist. When the gloved hands are on display, the figure measures 15” tall, 11.75” wide, and 10″ deep. Zitz’s signature look is complete with spiked black kneepads and a spiked belt with the Battletoads team logo on the buckle.

The Zitz: Rare Cover Art Statue is fully sculpted and vibrantly painted to evolve this slimy space warrior’s muscled physique from two-dimensional pixels to a three-dimensional video game collectible. The amphibian fighter has textured green skin with a yellow front and smirking face, ready to fend off the Dark Queen and her minions. Unite Zitz with his Battletoads brothers Pimple and Rash, sold separately, for the ultimate toad team-up on your shelf.